SENSY is a unique device worldwide, which allows amputees, unlike currently available prostheses, to feel again from missing limbs. It is a neuroprosthetic device, which will be implanted within the residual nerves (in amputees), or healthy part of the nerves (in the case of neuro-damaged subjects), restoring the natural-like flow of the neural sensory information. It will enable subjects to feel natural and complete sensations from the missing or non-functional limb.

The technology behind SENSY

SENSY is a neuroprosthetic device comprising an implantable intraneural electrode for sensory nerve stimulation, an implantable stimulator and an external smart controller, which can be connected to the sensors embedded in the prosthesis or to a sensorized glove or sock.

The smart controller is the “brain of the system” which receives information from the prosthesis and transduces it in the language of the nervous system, instructions of stimulation, which it sends to the implantable stimulator. Several options of intended use are possible: without prosthesis (neural sensory “pacemaker”), with sensorized prosthesis, or with the prosthesis with no sensors but with sensorized glove (hand) or sock (foot) over it.

Featured in Nature Medicine

SENSY was preliminarily tested by leg amputees using a commercial prosthesis. SENSY reduced physical and mental strain for prosthesis users, increased mobility and reduced phantom pain. The results of the trial can be found here:

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