The EPFL spin-off SensArs Neuroprosthetics wins 130,000 Swiss francs at the Venture Kick final

The startup SensArs Neuroprosthetics restores feelings to amputees’ missing legs. In December 2016, the first prototype of SensArs’ product was successfully implanted by an international team of specialists. This medical device gets worldwide attention and wins CHF 130’000 of pre-seed capital at the Venture Kick final.

Almost 4 million of lower limb amputees live in the USA and in Europe. 50% them do not have any feeling of their prostheses. Because of this lack, they risk falls, as they do not feel the prosthesis as being part of their body. They also suffer from phantom pain. Due to such inconveniences, 60% of the amputees abandon their prosthesis.

New prostheses with a real feeling

A century after the first prostheses, SensArs Neuroprosthetics developed a world unique patented technology that enables amputees to feel naturally from missing limbs again. The collaboration with international prosthetics market leaders and hospitals allowed the team to run clinical trials with their new neuroprostheses. Further clinical trials now require additional investments. In December 2016, the international team guided by the co-founders of SensArs Neuroprosthetics and a clinical advisor with experience in the Balkan war, successfully performed the first worldwide implant of feelings restoration technologies in lower limb amputees.

The startup was invited to various international conferences in 2016 and traveled to the USA, Asia and South Africa. Francesco Petrini, co-founder and CEO of SensArs, is very happy about the achievements: “Venture Kick boosted our business case toward a competitive implementation for success, thanks to the tough challenges proposed by its experts and the feedbacks of the jury members. Thank you Venture Kick!”