For example, children who stepped over a mine, or people who were in a car accident, hit by drunken drivers, deserve the possibility to live a normal life. Amputees cannot perform basic manipulation tasks without complete attention, while more sophisticated ones are prohibitive. The prosthesis is a cumbersome foreign body causing also severe psychological problems, together with multiple problems during its control, which often result in its abandonment. People with severe nerve injuries often do not have any limb-functionality, and are even deciding to cut it, replacing it with limited commercial prosthesis.

We will dramatically change the life of these persons, by restoring them the feelings from the limb, and by making their functionality similar to the healthy one. We will eliminate their neuropathic pain, and make them feel the prosthetic or injured limbs as the proper one.

Tomorrow these problems will be commonly treated, similarly to laser operation for the eyes diopter, making the world better place to live.

Mr Sorensen’s trying out his SensArs prosthesis

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