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Lausanne, Munich, May 2024 – Sensars, a pioneering leader in neuromodulation technology, is proud to announce significant advancements in its mission to revolutionise the treatment of chronic pain and sensory loss.

Sensars has received a pre-seed investment from HTH, a prominent VC investor dedicated to improving human health. This funding injection will support Sensars' ongoing activities to develop groundbreaking solutions for chronic pain sufferers.

Furthermore, Sensars is thrilled to unveil its latest Eurostars project, supported by a €500,000 grant. The project, titled SENSOLE, aims to develop the world's first system capable of monitoring and treating gait disabilities and pain in patients afflicted with leg neuropathy-induced sensory loss. SENSOLE comprises wearable sensors, providing comprehensive data on leg movement and pressure points across various areas of the foot. When combined with a neurostimulator, SENSOLE works to mitigate neuropathy complications by restoring real-time sensory feedback. Leveraging AI-driven software, SENSOLE offers personalised treatment guidance based on individual patient data.

In a parallel development, Sensars Germany, the German subsidiary of Sensars, has secured a grant of €600,000 from BMBF to spearhead research initiatives focused on testing SENSY, Sensars' patented implantable neurostimulator, in amputees. Collaborating with the University of Heidelberg, this endeavour will evaluate SENSY's efficacy in addressing pain management challenges encountered by amputees, furthering Sensars' commitment to advancing innovative solutions in neuromodulation.

"We are thrilled to receive these investments and grants, which underscore the confidence in our innovative technologies and the potential impact they can have on patients' lives," remarked Francesco Petrini, CEO of Sensars. "With these resources, we are well positioned to accelerate our research and development efforts, bringing us closer to our goal of transforming the landscape of neuromodulation and offering hope to millions of individuals suffering from chronic pain and sensory loss."

Guy Siman, COO of Sensars, added, "These advancements mark significant milestones in our journey towards enhancing the efficacy and accessibility of neuromodulation treatments. We are committed to leveraging these resources to drive innovation and deliver tangible solutions that address the unmet needs of patients worldwide."

Sensars remains steadfast in its commitment to pioneering breakthroughs in neuromodulation, driven by a passion for improving the lives of those afflicted by chronic pain and sensory impairments.

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