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Sensars gets funding of €1.4M to advance its SENSY product. 

This includes a €350,000 investment from HTH and a €500,000 Eurostars grant for its SENSOLE project. Additionally, Sensars Germany received a €600,000 grant from BMBF to test the SENSY neurostimulator in amputees. Read More>

SensArs coordinates a €3 million grant to test its bionic prosthetics

SensArs Neuroprosthetics has received a 3 million EUR grant as part of the European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation program. The startup will coordinate and use the funds to further develop and test its product - the neuroprosthetic system. Read More >

Top '20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2022

SensArs Neuroprosthetics Named In Business Worldwide Magazines' Top '20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2022. Read More > 

Sensars receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

Two Swiss start-ups have been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation recently: AMF for its Sigi Insulin Management system and Sensars for its system providing sensory feedback for those with limb loss to improve prosthesis function.  Read More > 


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