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Sensars gets funding of €1.1M to advance its SENSY product 

Lausanne, Munich, May 2024 – Sensars, a pioneering leader in neuromodulation technology, is proud to announce significant advancements in its mission to revolutionize the treatment of chronic pain and sensory loss. Read More >

Sensars coordinates a €3 million grant to test its bionic prosthetics

Sensars Neuroprosthetics has received a 3 million EUR grant as part of the European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation program. The startup will coordinate and use the funds to further develop and test its product - the neuroprosthetic system. Read More >

Top '20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2022

Sensars Neuroprosthetics Named In Business Worldwide Magazines' Top '20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2022. Read More > 

Sensars receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

Two Swiss start-ups have been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation recently: AMF for its Sigi Insulin Management system and Sensars for its system providing sensory feedback for those with limb loss to improve prosthesis function.  Read More > 

Our Partners

We have established deep partnerships with the world's most prestigious institutions, clinics and accelerators.

We have also been granted numerous global awards for our breakthrough technology. 

Clinical Partnerships

Academic & Industrial Partners

Grants & Awards

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Sensars is the only device able to completely eliminate pain by restoring sensory feedback

Looking Ahead

Neurotech of the future

Our neurotechnology creates countless new possibilities in the future, from brain-computer interface, to prosthetic control, obesity & depression treatment & beyond.

Reviving the brain-body connection

Breakthrough pain-eliminating neurotechnology

Feel whole again

The only device able to completely eliminate pain by restoring sensory feedback

By stimulating the peripheral nervous system our unique technology revives communication between nerve damaged areas and the brain which eliminates pain.


Breakthrough device designation

​Successful human clinical trials

​25+ Peer reviewed publications

Chronic pain from nerve damage affects millions of patients globally

Today, no existing solutions address the core cause of pain; a disrupted sensory feedback loop.

Sensars is the only technology able to completely eliminate pain by restoring sensory feedback.

How chronic pain works

How we eliminate pain with

How our closed loop system works

Electrodes are implanted in the nerve

An intra-nerve electrode array is implanted in the peripheral nerve and a stimulator is implanted nearby, enabling coverage of all damaged areas with sensory loss or pain with high selectivity.

Sensory restoration occurs

Neural circuits are reorganized. This revives natural sensations in the affected area and relays these renewed nerve signals to the brain.

Sensory feedback eliminates pain

​Wearable sensors, external controller & transduction algorithms. We restore sensory feedback via highly selective stimulation using proprietary algorithms.

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